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Credo artistico Cool Caddish

I'm me and not anyone else. I do not write sound and neither for you nor for them, but only for me and my people. I do not hate anyone, others hate me. I do not take me seriously, and I do not care for the rules. I am the irony that you have not and satire you can not do. I am white and European, and this for me is a source of pride. I do not dream of the united states of america and I find that rap today is shit. I do not do hip hop rap nor I make urban poetry. If you feel offended you woman by my songs, SEI of the kind described. If you think that any of my songs is against you, you are wrong, it is against me. I respect my music in everything, even in clothing, do not dress like a rapper  in a ghetto. I am a real person and also happened to me when I dismount alone. For me, making music is all on a spiritual plane. I take music from the best and sometimes the money, not vice versa. If you're a man and you feel offended you by my music you have the Oedipus complex, or are the last romantic. My artistic integrity is more important than money for the success and to make the records, no longer exist. I success I slam, life is too complex x autosmerdarsi. In the world everyone is trying to tell you, I say no. I have thoughts that you do not say, the things that you do not do. I reppo how I eat, in Cagliari. I am there with passion since '93, you next year you buy the sweater v. I am constantly a work begun in 1500 by poets of the grotesque and I were fire arderei the world. The characters that I tell everyone personally met them. They make me pee from laughing ones that are convinced to be something or have a weight. I do not live the American dream, but the dream of near my house and / or in my building. I read and I have traveled the world by sea, others read the bulletin board of facebook and make trips organized. I write for those who understand me, not for anyone to judge me. I am in the exclusive competition with myself, not with you more. I know 3 things in life, some think they know in general. IF YOU FEEL LIKE ME I AM HERE AND MY MUSIC IS FREE IF NOT GO TO LISTEN SOME STUPID WHITE FOLK THAT LOOK AND SOUND LIKE BLACK AMERICAN
Thank anyone who appreciates.


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